How To Recover Deleted Strava Account & Activity

Is your Strava account deleted and are you eagerly willing to get it back? If yes, then this article might be for you. Here I will discuss with you how to recover a deleted Strava account. Not just that, I will also be throwing some light on how to recover a deleted Strava activity. But before moving to that, let’s see what happens when your Strava account is deleted.

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What Happens When Your Strava Account Is Deleted?

can you recover strava account

When you delete your Strava account the private routes and segments you have created will also be deleted from Strava. However, the public segments and routes remain as it is and people can see and use them on the Strava app. If you wish to get rid of public routes and segments then you have to delete them manually before deleting your account.

Moreover, once you delete your account, your name and posts will be deleted from Strava Clubs as well.  However, the Clubs you’ve created on Strava will remain as it is.

Is It Possible To Recover A Permanently Deleted Strava Account?

No, once a Strava account is permanently deleted you cannot restore it. It gets permanently deleted from the Strava server and even the support team can’t help you recover your deleted account.

However, if your account isn’t permanently deleted and you can’t access your account for other reasons then you can retrieve your Strava account by following these steps.

Recover Strava Account If You Have Forgotten Email & Phone Number

In order to restore a Strava account without a phone number or email, you have to submit the Strava feedback form. You can also create a new dummy account and report your problem from the app. Once you have reported your problem wait for a couple of days as Strava may take a few days to respond to your feedback.

While filling out the feedback form or reporting an issue mention that you have forgotten your email address or phone number and can’t access your account.

restore strava account

The Strava support team may ask you a few questions regarding your account and if you provide them with a satisfactory answer, you may recover your account.

How To Recover An Old Strava Account Without A Password?

If you have an old Strava account that you can’t access because you don’t remember its password then you can use your phone number/email to log in. Just enter the phone number or email which was registered to that account and you will receive a code on it. By entering the code you can easily reset your password. All you have to do is on the login page click on the Forgot password option.

strava password reset

Next enter the phone number or email and then wait for the code to arrive. Once you receive the code, you can easily reset your password and then login into your old Strava account.

How To Recover Deleted Strava Activity?

Have you accidentally deleted your Strava activity such as your runs and rides and are wondering if you can restore your deleted Strava activity? Yes, you can get back the deleted Strava activity, but there’s a catch, read more to find out.

Sadly, there isn’t a way to recover a deleted activity manually by yourself. You have to contact the Strava support team to retrieve deleted Strava activity. However, the support team can only help you recover the activity if it was successfully synced to your Strava account previously i.e. before it was deleted.

In case you have discarded the ride or run before it was saved then no one can help you get back the deleted activity on Strava. However, if the activity was saved previously then you can easily retrieve it by raising a ticket on the Strava website or mobile app.

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Final Verdict

Recovering a deleted Strava account is not possible because once the account is deleted it’s gone for good and there’s no way you can find it. However, if your account isn’t deleted and it’s just inaccessible because you have forgotten your password or email then you can easily recover the account by changing your password or talking to the customer support of Strava.

In case you have lost your Strava activities then you can recover them by contacting the Strava support team. However, they can only help you if the activity was saved before it got deleted.


Is Strava Account Recoverable?

If the account is permanently deleted then it can't be recovered.

Can You Restore Strava Activity?

If the activity was saved before deletion then the Strava support team can manually recover it.

Can You Deactivate Your Strava Account?

No, you can only delete your account but can't deactivate it.

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