How To Recover Deleted Reddit Posts & Account

Reddit has a huge fanbase among people of all ages, and I am one of them. I regularly post on Reddit and have earned a good amount of Karma on it. But recently the account got deleted due to a mistake and I wanted to recover it at any cost. I have done a lot of research on this topic and have finally found an answer to the question of whether you can recover deleted Reddit account or not.

In this article, we will see how to retrieve a deleted Reddit account and also look into how to find and view deleted Reddit posts. So without wasting any time let’s start.

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What Happens When You Delete Your Reddit Account?

When your Reddit account is deleted here are the following things you will notice in your account.

  • Your profile & username will be removed. As soon as your account is deleted your profile and username will be removed from Reddit and no one will be able to see them.
  • Posts and comments will be disassociated from your account. Since your account is deleted all your posts will be disassociated which means your posts will still exist on Reddit but your profile picture and username will not be shown next to them.
  •  Your messages and chats will also become disassociated. Just like your posts and comments, your messages will also keep existing on Reddit but they will be disassociated from your account.

How To Recover Deleted Reddit Account?

Reddit states it clearly that you cannot recover your account once it’s deleted so you need to be sure whether you actually want to delete your account or not.

recover reddit account

This means once your account is deleted, it’s gone for good and there’s no way you can retrieve your account. However, if your account was deleted because of some other reasons then you should contact the Reddit support team, they might help you with something.

How To View Deleted Posts On Reddit

If your account is deleted then it means your posts are also deleted. However, you can still view your deleted Reddit posts without recovering your account using third-party tools. Here’s how you can do that.

1. Find Deleted Reddit Posts Using Wayback Machine

If you don’t already know about Wayback Machine then let me tell you that it’s a website that stores archived versions of all the websites on the internet. With the help of this website, you can see past screenshots of any web page. This means if you put your Reddit profile URL in it then you can see your deleted Reddit posts easily. Here’s how to use Wayback Machine to see the old and deleted Reddit posts.

Go to the Wayback Machine page and in the search field paste your Reddit profile URL.


Now you will see a calendar on your screen with blue and green dots on specific dates. These are the dates on which Wayback Machine crawled the website and has taken its screenshot. Just select the date to which you want the Wayback Machine to take you.

find reddit posts

With this, you can see the deleted Reddit posts and comments very easily.

2. Recover Deleted Reddit Posts Using Reveddit

Reveddit is a third-party online tool that is capable of showing you the posts that were deleted by a bot or moderator. Sadly, this tool can’t show you the posts or comments that were deleted by users.

It is mostly used for its notification feature which notifies you if a moderator deletes your post or comments so that you can contact them and know the reason behind your content deletion.

Here’s how to use Reveddit to find deleted Reddit posts.

Go to the Reveditt website. Next, type your post title, subreddit, or your username in the search bar and then click on go.

recover reddit posts

By doing so you will be able to see the deleted Reddit posts and comments.

Final Verdict

It is not possible to recover a deleted Reddit account, that’s sad but you gotta deal with it. However, if your posts are deleted then you can still find your deleted Reddit post using Wayback Machine and third-party tools like Reveddit. I will recommend you never delete your Reddit account even if you don’t want to use it. Because later if you change your mind then you will regret your decision.

In case you have made your final decision to leave Redditt then make sure you delete your posts and messages before deleting your account. That is because your posts and messages still remain on the platform even after deleting your account.


Can You Recover Deleted Reddit Posts?

You can’t recover deleted Reddit posts but you sure can view them using third-party tools like Wayback Machine and Reveddit.

Are Reddit Posts Deleted Permanently After The Account Is Deleted?

No, your posts still exist, they just become disassociated with your account.

Does Deleting A Post Remove Karma?

No, if you delete a post it does not delete your karma associated with that post.

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