How To Recover Deleted Signal Messages?

Signal is a popular instant messaging app, well not as popular as WhatsApp but it’s surely catching up. The Signal app is end-to-end encrypted hence letting you securely chat with your friends and family. In this article, I am going to show you how to recover deleted Signal messages from iPhone or Android. Because most people are not aware of what to do when they lose important Signal chats.

So without wasting any time let’s start the Signal message recovery process. But before that let’s find out whether can you retrieve deleted Signal messages or not.

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Can You Recover Deleted Signal Messages?

Yes, you can recover deleted Signal messages but only if you have created a backup before the messages were deleted. Unlike WhatsApp, Signal messages are not synced to iCloud or Google Drive. Here the chats are backed up on your phone’s internal storage. So, if you have the backup then congratulations, you can restore Signal messages and if not then forget about it.

How To Recover Deleted Signal Messages?

As I said you must have a backup of the Signal chats in case you want to restore them after they are deleted. Here’s how to retrieve signal messages from the backup.

Note: You have to uninstall and re-install the Signal app on your phone in order to follow these steps.

  • Install the Signal App on your iOS or Android device. Now tap on the “Transfer or Restore account” option.

restore account

  • Next, select the “Restore From Backup” option.

Restore from backup

  • After that, tap on Choose backup and then select the file that you wish to restore.

Choose backup

  • Next, tap on “Restore backup” and enter the 30-digit code which you have got while creating the backup.

Restore backup

With this, your account will be restored and you will be able to read deleted Signal chats.

How To Backup Signal Messages?

Most people don’t know how to create a backup of Signal messages on their device. Don’t worry I am here to help. Follow the steps mentioned below to create a Signal message backup.

  • Open your Signal app, go to your profile, and select Settings. Under Settings choose “Chats“.

how to recover Signal messages

  • Now select the Chat backups option and Enable it.

Chat backup

  • Next, tap on Choose folder to select a folder on your phone’s internal storage to store the backup.

Choose folder

  • After selecting a backup it will provide you with a 30-digit passcode. Write that code somewhere or you can also take a screenshot of it. Finally, tap on Enable Backups option.

enable backup

With this, the backup of all your chats will record in the folder of your choice and you can restore Signal messages from it anytime in the future.

How To Retrieve Signal Chats If The Backup File Is Missing

It is possible that your backup folder gets deleted from your phone’s internal storage. In that case, you cannot recover or restore signal chats on Android or iPhone. If you cannot find the recovery folder on your phone then it must be deleted but don’t worry you can recover the backup file using a data recovery tool for iPhone or Android.

These apps run a scan and recover the deleted files from your phone’s internal storage. I would recommend you try Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone and EaseUS MobiSaver for Android.

Alternate Method To Restore Deleted Signal Messages

Apart from creating a backup, you can also install a Notification logger app on your phone. What these apps do is they record the notification you receive on your phone. These could be third-party app notifications such as WhatsApp, Signal, YouTube, etc, or your system notifications, SMS, call logs, etc.

By installing a Notification logger app, you can keep a record of Signal messages you received on your phone.

notification logger

How To Get Deleted Messages Back On Signal? Final Verdict

It may be hard to digest but there’s no way to recover deleted messages on the Signal app if you have not already created a backup. Hence getting back deleted messages on Signal can be tricky. However, if you already have a backup then it’s a cakewalk for you. Therefore I recommend you always create a backup. For added security keep a notification log application installed on your phone. In case you lose the backup file, you can see the deleted Signal chats in the Notification log app. Also, you can make use of data recovery apps to find the deleted backup file.


Where Is Signal Backup File Stored?

It is stored in the internal storage of your device.

Are Signal Messages Recoverable?

Yes, you can recover Signal Messages but if you have already created backup.

Does Deleting A Signal Chat Delete For Everyone?

There's an option on Signal to delete chat for everyone. If you have selected this option while deleting the chat then it will be deleted for everyone.

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