How To Restore Photos From iCloud To iPhone

Data loss is a common phenomenon and no matter how careful you are you may still lose some data for one reason or the other. Therefore, backup services are provided to you by companies like Apple and Google so that you can keep your data secure in their cloud storage.

One such backup service is iCloud which is provided by Apple to its users so that you can easily access your lost data in case of device loss, theft, or permanent deletion. iCloud backup can also prove helpful in the scenario when you want to transfer all your photos to a new iPhone. In this article, we share some tips with you using which you can easily transfer your photos from the iCloud backup to iPhone because photos are the most important thing we store on our phones.

We have already covered an article on how to recover deleted photos from Google Photos. You can check it out in case you have also backed up some of your photos on Google Photos.

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How To Restore Photos From iCloud To iPhone

Before transferring photos, you must be sure that whether you have synced your photos to iCloud or not. Because the backup is only created when the iPhone is synced to iCloud. To check whether the photo backup option is enabled on your iPhone you can go to Settings > your Apple ID > iCloud > Photos. If you have already synced your photos to iCloud then you can use the following methods to recover them.

1. Transfer All Photos From iCloud To iPhone In One Click

In case you have deleted all photos from your iPhone or have switched to a new iPhone and want to transfer all photos to that phone then you can use this method. To transfer all photos from iCloud to iPhone at once you can follow these steps.

1. Go to Settings on your phone and tap on your Apple ID at the top.

iPhone Settings

2. Now, under your Apple ID you must click on the iCloud option.


3. Next click on the Photos option.

restore photos from iCloud backup to iPhone

4. Under iCloud select the Download and Keep Originals option.

download and keep original photos

With this, the photos will start downloading on your phone. You need to have an active internet connection on your device to recover all the photos at once. Also, remember that it may consume a lot of data and storage depending on how many photos you have backed up on iCloud.

Note: If you are on a new iPhone then you must sign in to your iCloud account and then only can you recover photos from iCloud to your new iPhone.

2. Restore Only Specific Photos From iCloud

If you don’t want to recover all the iCloud photos at once but only want to recover the photos which were deleted from your iPhone’s gallery then you can rather follow these steps.

1. Open the browser on your phone and visit After that log in to your iCloud account by entering your Apple Id and Password. Once you are logged in click on the Photos icon.

iCloud site

2. Now you will see all the photos that are backed up on your iCloud storage. From here you can select the photos which you want to recover on your device.


3. After selecting the photos click on the three dots icon at the bottom right corner.

Select Photos

4. From the menu that shows up select the Download option. Next, it will ask you to download iCloud photos in a zip folder click on Download to confirm.

transfer photos from iCloud to iPhone

5. Once the zip file is downloaded you can extract it on your device and open the folder to find the photos which were downloaded.

Downloaded photos


Recover Photos On iPhone Without iCloud Backup

If for some reason you have not created the backup of your photos or you have deleted the photos before creating the backup then it’s not possible to recover them from iCloud. In that case, you can use third-party data recovery software which can help you recover deleted photos from the internal storage of your iPhone.

There is an abundance of good data recovery software for the iPhone on the internet that can help you in this task. But we would recommend you to check the Stellar Data Recovery For iPhone.

recover deleted photos from iPhone


There are high probabilities of finding a deleted photo using this software as it provides you three different data recovery modules. The modules consist of recovery from the internal storage of the phone, from iTunes backup, and iCloud backup. If you want to learn how to use this software and is it really worth it, you can read our review of Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone.

How To Retrieve Photos From iCloud: Final Thoughts?

Restoring photos on iPhone is easy if you have already synced your photos to iCloud. In just a few simple steps you can recover the deleted photos from iCloud to iPhone. Therefore, we encourage our readers to always keep a backup of their photos and other valuable data. However, if you have not created the backup, no need to worry you can still recover the deleted photos back using data recovery software.


Can I Recover Permanently Deleted Photos From My iPhone Without Backup?

Yes, you can make use of a good data recovery software like Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone to recover permanently deleted photos without backup.

Where Do Deleted Photos Go On iPhone?

The deleted photos stay in the recently deleted folder for 30 days time and after that, they are permanently deleted.

How To Recover Deleted Pictures From iPhone Without Computer?

If you don’t have access to a computer you can open the Safari browser on your phone and then go to and recover photos directly from there.

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