How To Recover Deleted Discord Messages?

Discord is a platform used by gamers to be in contact with fellow gamers and share images, audio, videos with them. However, it is not just restricted to gamers as people from all walks of life can use it to communicate or share their thoughts with others.

It’s very easy to create a server (sort of a virtual room) on it where you can join other like-minded people to share your thoughts in form of DMs, voice or video calls, etc. The server can be of two types private or public. One can only join a private server if they have the invitation link. However, no such requirement is required to be a part of a public server.

Since anyone can join a public server, most scammers or bullies use it to scam or abuse people on Discord. You can report them but they are smart enough to delete their inappropriate messages before you can take any action against them. Without proper evidence you cannot report anyone on Discord hence you need to retrieve the deleted Discord messages to report the abuse. But, is it even possible to recover deleted Discord messages? Let’s find out.

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Why Would Someone Want To Get Back Deleted Messages On Discord?

Before we move further let’s look at why would you want to recover deleted messages on Discord. First of all, it may be because you have mistakenly deleted a Discord DM that you want to get back, or as I told you earlier you want to report someone. To report a user you need three things User Id, Server ID, and Message-ID. So if the message is deleted you cannot have these IDs.

Can You Recover Deleted Discord Messages?

It’s very unfortunate, but you cannot recover deleted Discord messages once they’re deleted by the person who sent them. The Discord DMs are instantly removed from the Discord server and they are gone for good. You can confirm it from this tweet from Discord itself.

Discord Hack To See Deleted Messages

Hack to see deleted discord message

You can’t see a deleted message on Discord officially. But there are some hacks that work well to avoid the removal of Discord messages in the future. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

1. Take Screenshots Of Discord DM’s

The first thing you can do whenever someone sends you an inappropriate message is to take a screenshot of it as quickly as possible. This is because the sender can delete the message anytime. The screenshot will help as a piece of evidence to shut down the troll’s Discord account so that they can never bother you or anyone else on it.

2. Use Discord Bots To See Deleted Messages

Discord is easily customizable with the use of bots, there are many Discord bots available online like Dyno, YAGPDB, etc. You can use any of them according to your requirements.

The best part is most of the Discord bots are free to use, so you don’t have to make any payment upfront. In the YAGPDB bot, for example, you can read up to 10 deleted messages for free. However, if you want to see more than 10 deleted DMs then you can upgrade to their premium plan. If you upgrade then you can see all the deleted messages on the server in the past 12 hours.

Using a Discord bot is better than manually taking screenshots because this way you can do your work and don’t have to stop in the middle to take a screenshot of the abusive message.

Also, to use a bot you don’t need to install any special software or application, nor do you need to have any technical knowledge. You just need to visit the bot website and then from there log in to your Discord Server by entering your credentials. Now you will be able to check each and every deleted Discord message.

Here’s how you can use the YAGPDB bot to see the deleted messages.

a) Go to the YAGPDB website and select the Add to server option from the top.


b) Next, it will automatically pick your Discord account if you are using it on the same computer. You just need to select the server from where you need to undelete the messages.

Select the server

c) After you have selected the server click on Continue and then click on Authorize to activate the bot on the selected server.


d) Now go back to your Discord account and select the desired server. To check the deleted messages you need to run a command. Type -undelete -a or -ud – a on the message box and press enter. With this, if there are any deleted messages on the server you will be able to see them on the screen.

Recover deleted messages on discord

For the testing purpose, I was using the free version of the YAGPDB (Yet Another General Purpose Discord Bot). It can show up to 10 deleted messages with the time at which the message was deleted.

3. See Deleted Message On Discord Plugin

Besides a bot, you can also make use of a Discord plugin like MessageLoggerV2 to view the deleted messages. However, Discord does not allow you to install a third-party plugin. So you need to use an add-on service like Better Discord which allows you to install themes and plugins to your Discord account.

However, I personally like the bot method to restore deleted messages more than the plugin. It is simply because here you have to first download the add-on and then the plugin which is time-consuming and some may find it a little tricky. So I recommend you to use the Discord bot instead of the plugin.

4. Mute A Channel

Although this hack will not allow you to see a deleted message on Discord, it can keep the inappropriate messages away. If your sole purpose of recovering deleted messages is to report a bully then muting a channel is also a good way to do it. If you mute a channel that you think is causing harassment on a server then they won’t be able to post anything on it.

Also, even if you have reported someone you can still mute them until Discord removes their account from their server.


So these were a few ways you can use to recover a deleted Discord message. Even if you can’t retrieve a deleted message you can still keep someone from abusing you by muting that particular channel. Although there is no official way to recover deleted Discord messages, if you see any abusive DM, you can take a screenshot of it and report it later. Also, you can always use a Discord bot which allows you to find out deleted messages on Discord easily.

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