How To Recover Deleted Discord Account?

You have worked hard to grow your Discord server for years but one day you show up and notice that your account is deleted. Sounds like a nightmare, isn’t it? But it can happen to anyone. In fact, it happens to a lot of Discord users on a daily basis, suddenly they can’t access their accounts anymore. But why does it happen and is there any solution to recover your deleted Discord account? Let’s find out.

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Why Is Your Discord Account Deleted?

Before we move on to the know-how, let’s understand why someone may lose their Discord account.

So there are three scenarios in which you can be deprived of using your Discord account. First, you have disabled your account on your own, secondly, you have deleted your account. Or the last one is that your account is disabled by Discord itself.

Now that you know the reason behind your account deletion let’s find out how you can reactivate the Discord account in different scenarios.

How To Recover Deleted Discord Account?

1. Reactivate Your Discord Account When You Have Disabled It

account disabled

If you have yourself disabled the account then it means that you want your Discord account to be logged out from all the devices as you don’t want anyone to use it. In this case, you can simply log into your account by entering your credentials, and Boom! you have recovered it.

It does not delete anything, everything is intact. It’s just that your account was inactive for some time and you are reactivating it now. Don’t worry Discord does not delete an inactive account, so you can keep your account in this state as long as you want.

2. Recover A Discord Account When You Have Deleted It?

In case you have deleted your account intentionally or unintentionally you still have 14 days to restore it. Once you have deleted your Discord account it stays in the pending deletion phase for two weeks. If you want to recover your account you should do it in the time frame of the first 14 days.

It’s easy to do it, just log in with your username and password. Next, it will ask you whether you want to restore your account. Just click on Restore Account and you can get access to your account back.

restore deleted discord account

While your account is in the deletion phase no data of yours is lost which means your server, channels, and chats are still intact. However, the same cannot be said once the 14 days limit is crossed.

What Happens To Deleted Discord Account After 14 Days?

Once the two-week time has passed your account is gone for good. It’s permanently deleted and now you cannot recover it.

However, you may try to contact the Discord support team to see if they can help you with recovering it. But still, chances are very thin. So you need to be proactive and recover your account within the first 14 days of account deletion.

3. Restore The Account When Disabled By Discord

Just like any other platform like YouTube, Stream, etc., Discord also has its own set of rules. If they are violated by any user then Discord disables that account. If your account is disabled by Discord then you should get an email from them regarding it. You can confirm from there that your account is disabled or it’s deleted by mistake.

In this scenario, your account is still in the same state where you left it the last time but it’s just that you cannot use it anymore. So, if you want to recover your account from here then contacting Discord support is the only option. If they find your explanation genuine then there’s a good chance that you can get your account back.

To contact Discord support go to and choose Help & Support.

Discord support

What Does A Deleted Discord Account Look Like?

Once your Discord account is deleted, first of all, your profile pic will be removed and your username will be changed to “Deleted User #0000”. The username can slightly vary based on the reason behind the account deletion. However, even after your account is deleted the chats you have sent to other members on Discord stay as it is. This means they can still read your messages.

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It is very sad if your Discord account is deleted but there’s no need to be demotivated as there is still a chance that you can restore your account. If your account is deleted mistakenly then you still have 2 weeks time to recover it. In case it was deactivated by Discord then you can take help from Discord customer support. So don’t lose hope as you can very well retrieve your Discord account if you take quick action.


Can You Recover A Deleted Discord Server And Channel?

Once a channel or server is deleted on Discord, consider it gone for good, it's not possible to recover them.

How to Recover Discord Account Without Email?

If you no longer remember the Email which was associated with the Discord account then you can contact customer support for help.

Are Discord Accounts Permanently Deleted?

Yes, once the 14 day period is passed your account will be permanently deleted.


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