How To Recover Call Of Duty Mobile Account?

There are two types of mobile gamers, the ones who love PUBG and the others who love CODM. I fall in the second category of the people and I am sure you are too and that’s why you are here.

I have been playing COD mobile since the time it was launched i.e. 2019. I was using the Facebook login to save all my game progress but recently I was not able to play Call of Duty on mobile due to some problem. I have done a lot of research and found a way to get my COD mobile account back. I want to share my knowledge with fellow gamers who love COD but can’t log in to their account due to some reasons.

I will share multiple methods so no matter whether you have logged in as a guest, with an Activision or Facebook account, you can find your old COD account. So are you ready to recover the Call of Duty mobile account? If yes, then let’s begin.

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Why Can’t You Login Into COD Mobile Account?

There can be many reasons why you can’t play your favorite game. Let’s discuss some of the most prominent reasons why you can’t log into your COD account.

1. You logged in as a guest

A guest account does not save your game progress anywhere. Therefore once the game is uninstalled from the phone or you try to login with your guest account on some other phone then it won’t work.

2. You forgot your password

The other reason why most people cannot log into their CODM account is that they forget their account passwords. If you can’t remember your password or username then you can’t access your old COD account.

3. Your account is banned or hacked

It happens sometimes that you can’t log into your Call of Duty mobile account for no reason. It may be because someone has hacked your account or it is banned for some reason.

So these were some common reasons why you can’t play CODM on your phone. Don’t worry I have a solution for all of these issues, let’s look at them one by one.

How To Recover Call Of Duty Mobile Account?

How you recover the CODM account depends a lot on how you lost the account in the first place. There are 3 main reasons why you can’t access your account which I have already discussed above. Now let’s see how you can recover your lost Call of Duty mobile account in different scenarios.

1. How To Recover My Guest Account in COD Mobile?

As I told you earlier when you log in as a guest, your game progress is not saved. This means the game is only saved until you’re playing the game on the same phone. Once you have uninstalled the game, all the progress and earnings of your guest account get deleted forever.

The crux of the matter is that you cannot find your old COD account if you have chosen the Guest login option. Although, you cannot recover a guest account on CODM, what you can do is link your guest profile to your Facebook account to save your game progress.

recover codm account

1. Launch the COD app on your mobile phone. Next sign in as a Guest.
2. Now once you are logged in, go to Settings by tapping on the gear icon.
3. Next, you will see the Link option, tap on it.
4. Finally tap on Facebook and then log in to your Facebook account. If you have a Facebook app on your phone which is already logged in then you don’t have to do anything as the game will automatically link to your account.

With this, the guest account is linked with Facebook. The next time you can log in with your new COD Facebook account you can play the game from the place you have left in the guest account.

Note: One guest account can be only linked with one Facebook account. This means a FB account that is already linked to CODM can’t be used again.

Retrieve COD Account If You Have Logged In Using Facebook Or Activision Account

If you opted for either Facebook or Activision(Call Of Duty) account then you are in luck because all your game progress is saved, unlike the guest account. So there is only one reason that you can’t retrieve your old COD account in this case, which is you have forgotten your password. Don’t worry, I am here to help.

How To Recover Call OF Duty Mobile Facebook Account?

To find your old COD account you have to choose the Facebook login option, if the Facebook app is already installed on your phone then you don’t have to provide the username and password. Now if you can’t log in then it means you have forgotten your FB password. Don’t panic it’s easy to retrieve your Facebook account.

Just go to the Facebook app and tap on Forgot Password option. Now you can either provide your phone number or email ID that you have linked with your Facebook account. With this, you will be able to reset your password and log into your Facebook account once again.

recover cod facebook account

Now once that is done you can now launch COD mobile and sign in with Facebook and this time you will be able to successfully restore your lost COD mobile account.

How To Recover Activision Account

Apart from Facebook, you can also create an Activision account which is the official Call of Duty account that you can create with your email ID. Once your Activision account is created all of your game saves and earnings will be stored in that particular account. You can log in to it anytime on your phone or any other phone and retrieve your CODM account.

In case you have forgotten your Call of Duty account password, you can simply click on Forgot password option on the login page and you will receive an email regarding the same. Just follow the provided steps and you will be able to recover your Activision account easily.

How Do I Get COD Mobile Account Back If It Is Hacked Or Banned?

If you have not done anything wrong and still your Call of Duty mobile account is inaccessible then it means either your account is hacked or banned. Sometimes your account gets banned for no reason even if you were following all the rules and regulations, it may be due to some technical fault. Also, if someone reports abuse against your account then it can get blocked.

Similarly, someone can also hack your CODM account. If you don’t use a strong password then it is easier for the hacker to steal your account details and have illegal access to them. In both cases, you can reach out to the Activision support team, they can help you recover your account. Here’s the link to the Activision account recovery support.

Do COD Mobile Accounts Get Deleted?

COD Mobile allows you to link your account to Facebook or Google so unless you unlink your account from there, your account won’t get deleted. On the other hand, if you have opted for guest login then the time you swap mobile or uninstall the game from your phone, your account will get deleted permanently. And you cannot recover it back no matter how hard you try. So it is advisable that you always link your CODM account to any of your IDs either Facebook or Google.

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Why Did COD Mobile Ban My Account?

There are mostly two reasons for it either you have abused the guidelines or someone else has reported you.

How Do I Recover My Old Activision ID?

In case you have forgotten the password and username then use your email ID which is linked to that account to recover your account. If it doesn't work then talk to the Activision support, they will surely help.

Can You Get Guest Account Back On Call Of Duty Mobile?

You cannot get back a guest account if it is deleted.

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