How To Recover Spam Messages On Messenger

Have your important messages gone into the Spam folder on Facebook Messenger and you don’t know how to get them back? Don’t worry in this article I am going to show the step-by-step process to recover Spam messages on Messenger. So without wasting any time let’s get started.

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Brief Overview
Messages that are coming from unknown or spam sources are stored in a separate folder under the Facebook Messenger app and it is called the Spam folder. You can recover the spam messages and move them to your regular messenger chats by simply replying to a particular spam message. However, if the spam message is deleted then there’s no way to recover it.

Why Do Messages Go To Spam On Messenger?

retrieve Facebook messenger spam messages

The spam folder on Facebook Messenger is basically a safety feature provided by Facebook where all unwanted and potentially spam messages are stored. These are messages coming from unknown contacts or messages sent in bulk for promotional purposes. So basically any message that Facebook considers unimportant or spam is moved to the Spam folder by them.

Why Would You Want To Retreive Spam Messages On Messenger?

Many people ask this question “how do I restore spam messages on Messenger?” But why would someone want to retrieve spam messages on Messenger you may think? Well, it is possible that some of your old friends have sent you message who is currently not on your friends list or it may be important business messages that Facebook has considered spam and moved to the spam folder.

In such a scenario people are looking for ways to recover Spam messages on Facebook. But the question is, can you recover spam messages in Facebook Messenger or not? Let’s find out.

Can You Recover Spam Messages On Messenger?

Yes, you can actually recover spam messages on Messenger and it’s quite easy to do that. All you have to do is go to the spam folder on your Messenger app or Facebook website and reply to the spam message that you wish to recover. However, you must note that if you have deleted the message then you cannot recover them i.e. it is not possible to recover deleted spam messages on Messenger. Nonetheless, let’s see how you can recover Spam Messages on Messenger on different devices.

How To Recover Spam Messages?

In the following section, I will show you how you can recover Spam Messages on the Facebook Messanger app and website.

Retrieve Facebook Spam Messages On Facebook Mobile

  • Launch the Facebook Messenger app on your cell phone. Tap on the hamburger icon (three vertical lines) at the top left corner of the screen. Next, you need to tap on Message Requests among other options.

Facebook messenger request

  • Now here you will find two options; You May Know and Spam. Tap on the Spam option to see all the spam messages.

recover spam messages

  • Once all the Spam Messages load on the screen, scroll down and select the chat you want to recover. Now you need to simply type a reply and send the message.

send message

With this, the chat will be unspammed and will move to your Messenger chat lists.

 Restore Spam Messages On Facebook Messenger Website

  • Open the Facebook website and log into your account. Next, you need to click on the message icon and then click on the See all in Messenger option.

Show all in messenger

  • After that, click on the three dots icon and then choose the Message requests option.

Message request

  • Then you will see two options under Requests: You may know and Spam. Click on the Spam option.


  • Now simply click on the Spam message you want to recover and reply to it and it will automatically be unspammed.

How To Recover Deleted Spam Messages On Messenger?

As I said you cannot recover the deleted spam messages i.e. the messages you have deleted from the spam folder before recovering them. If you recovered the Spam messages in the regular chat folder of the Messenger app then you can archive them instead of deleting them. It is because once the message is permanently deleted it’s gone for good and you can never recover them.

However, deleting a message means it’s deleted for you but the person on the other end will still have them. So you can ask them to resend the message if it’s really important for you.

Final Verdict

The Spam folder is a great safety tool by Facebook, but sometimes our important messages also end up being in the Spam folder. Don’t worry you can easily recover spam messages on Messagner by simply replying to them. As soon as you reply they will be recovered and will be shown on your Messenger app’s main dashboard. Also, you should note that a deleted spam message cannot be recovered. So only delete messages if they are not important to you. It’s better to archive the chats instead of deleting them so that you can get them back whenever you want.

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Are Spam Messages Safe?

Spam messages may not be safe as they may contain spammy links. Before recovering a spam message make sure it is not coming from a scammer.

What Happens When You Delete A Message In Spam On Messenger?

The message will be gone for good and you cannot recover it.

Do Blocked Messages Go To Spam On Messenger?

Yes, the messages you block on Messenger will go to the spam folder.

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