Can You Recover Deleted Twitter Direct Messages?

Using Twitter is so much fun, you can post your tweets to share your thoughts with the world or DM your followers to chit-chat with them. But just like your Tweets, your direct messages can also be deleted on Twitter. Although, you can recover the deleted tweets on Twitter, can you recover deleted Twitter messages as well?

In this article, we are going to see if you can find deleted Twitter messages or not. So if you wanted to know how to retrieve deleted direct messages from Twitter then this article might be for you.

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Can I Recover Deleted Twitter Messages?

can i recover twitter messages

You can recover deleted Twitter DMs from the Archive folder of Twitter. Not just from an active Twitter account, but you can also restore Twitter messages from the Twitter account that are deleted or suspended. However, if your account is deleted then you should try to recover your Twitter account because that will automatically restore the deleted Twitter chats.

After knowing that you can recover deleted direct messages on Twitter, you must be eagerly willing to know how to recover deleted Twitter DMs. Don’t worry I am going to show you how to do that, just keep reading.

What Happens To Deleted DMs On Twitter?

When you delete a direct message or entire chat on Twitter, it is only deleted from your end. This means the person on the other side can still read those DMs. Also, a copy of your deleted Twitter chats can be found in the Archive folder. So to say that a Twitter message is permanently deleted is wrong because it’s not and you can always restore it. The following are the ways you can see deleted Twitter DMs.

How To Recover Deleted Twitter DMs?

1. Recover Twitter Chats, Photos & Videos Using Archive Folder

  • Open Twitter and log into your account. Once logged in click on the More option and choose Settings and Privacy.


  • To find deleted Twitter DMs you need to click on Download an archive of your data.

recover twitter messages

  • After that, enter your password to verify that it’s you who is making these requests. Next click on the Request Archive button.

restore twitter chats

Now, wait for 2-3 days, and a download link will be sent to your registered email. Once you receive the email, download the zipped Archive folder and open it. There you will find an HTML file, launch it to see the deleted Twitter direct messages.

2. Take The Help Of Your Friends

As I said earlier your Twitter messages are only deleted from one side i.e. from your end. This means your friends can still see deleted Twitter DMs of yours. So you can simply ask them to resend those messages to you so that you can read them. This includes the photos, videos, and text that you must have sent as a DM.

How To Prevent Twitter Messages From Getting Deleted?

Prevention is better than cure, you must have heard this phrase. It is valid here as well. It’s better to back up your messages, photos, and videos that you send as a DM so that you don’t have to recover deleted Twitter chats in case they are lost.

If you are using Twitter on a PC then you can download the photos and copy-paste the text into a backup folder. In case you are using Twitter for Android or iPhone then you can enable the auto-sync which will automatically copy your data into the cloud storage. This way you can restore Twitter messages whenever you need them.

Final Verdict

If your Twitter DMs are missing, don’t freak out. You can recover them in most cases. All you have to do is go to the Archive section of your Twitter profile and download a copy of all of your deleted files.

Also, I will advise you to keep a backup of all your important DMs. So that whenever you lose them you can easily access them without doing any hard work.


Is There A Way To Find Deleted Tweets?

Yes, you can find the deleted tweets from the Archive folder.

Will Deleting Twitter Messages Delete Them From Both Ends?

No, you can only delete the Twitter messages from your end.

Are Twitter Messages Permanently Deleted?

No, they aren’t permanently deleted. Twitter stores the deleted DMs for years to come.

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