How To Recover Deleted TikTok Account?

TikTok is not just a means of entertainment but it is also a means of earning for most TikTok creators. If one day you wake up and see your TikTok account is deleted or inaccessible it can be shocking because your earnings will come to halt. Don’t worry keep reading the article and I will tell you how to recover deleted TikTok account so that you don’t lose your followers.

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Why Did My TikTok Account Disappear?

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Before we move on to answering the question of how to recover a lost TikTok account? Let’s try to find out why has your TikTok account disappeared in the first place.

So, there can be many reasons behind your account getting deleted. It may be due to accidental deletion, or you violated TikTok’s guidelines and they have blocked your account. It is also possible that someone might have reported your account as spam.

Can You Recover A Deleted TikTok Account?

Can you recover the TikTok account after deleting it? The answer to this question depends on when your account was deleted. If it was deleted within 30 days then you are lucky because the account is only temporarily deleted and you can anytime reactivate your TikTok account. However, if it’s more than 30 days then there’s hardly anything you can do.

What Is The Difference Between Temporary And Permanent Account Deletion?

When you delete your TikTok account willingly or unwillingly, it is never deleted instantly. TikTok keeps your account in a temporary deletion phase for 30 days. During this time period, your account data is safe and secure in the TikTok server.

On the other hand, permanent deletion means your account is gone for good which means your account data is deleted from the TikTok server. However, the account is deleted permanently only after 30 days of requesting account deletion.

What Happens When Your TikTok Account Is Deleted?

When your account is deleted, first of all, your TikTok data will be deleted like your published and saved videos, drafts, etc. After that, your account information will be removed i.e. your followers, achievements, and more, everything will be erased.

Once your account is permanently deleted there is no way to recover your deleted TikTok drafts, videos, and followers. This means you can’t find deleted TikTok account and you have to start from scratch.

How To Recover Deleted TikTok Account?

How To Reactivate TikTok Account?

Reactivating your TikTok account is very easy, all you have to do is log back into your account using your original username and password. Follow these steps to restore the TikTok account after deleting it.

  • Launch the Tiktok app and tap on Login. Next, choose your preferred login method.login to tiktok account
  • Enter the credentials that you used to log in to your old TikTok account.recover tiktok lost account
  • After entering your correct login information, it will ask you whether you want to reactivate your account. Tap on the Reactivate button to get back your lost TikTok account.reactivate tiktok

With this, your permanently deleted TikTok account will be recovered and you will be able to use it once again. All your data like your TikTok drafts, videos, and other information will be as it is as you left it the last time.

How To Recover Permanently Deleted TikTok Account After 30 Days?

As I told you earlier there isn’t much you can do about recovering your account once the 30-day time is over. It is simply because your account is removed from the server of TikTok, which means no data is recoverable after that.

You can try contacting TikTok support to get back your deleted TikTok account. However, I don’t think that will be of any help to you.

How To Recover A Banned TikTok Account?

If your TikTok account is not deleted but is banned then there is a chance that you may recover it. However, it depends on whether your account was banned due to a mistake or if you have violated TikTok terms and conditions.

If you have followed all the rules and still your account was banned then you can contact TikTok through their email address and politely ask them to review your account. If they find nothing wrong with your account then TikTok might help you recover your account.

Recovering Lost TikTok Data: Final Verdict

TikTok cares about its users and therefore it provides a 30 days recovery period in which a user can retrieve their TikTok account after deleting it. However, once the 30-day time is over, TikTok can’t hold on to your data anymore, and hence your account is permanently deleted.

If you do not want to lose your TikTok account then you should make sure that you keep logging into it at regular intervals. So that you can restore your account before it’s too late. Also, you should adhere to TikTok community guidelines if you do not want to lose your account. It is because apart from deletion you can also lose your TikTok account due to an account ban.


What Is The TikTok Appeal Email Address?

You can submit your appeal at

How Long Does TikTok Appeal Take?

TikTok takes 1 to 3 days to respond to your appeal so you need to be patient.

Can You Recover TikTok Account After 30 Days?

Unfortunately, you cannot recover your account once 30 days are over.

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