How To Recover Deleted Kik Messages?

Kik is a quite popular chatting app for both good and bad reasons but that’s not the matter of discussion here. In this article, I am going to share with you how you can recover deleted Kik messages.

But is it possible to recover deleted Kik chats once they are gone for good? We will have a look at it and find out ways to recover old Kik messages on Android and iPhone. So if you are ready let’s get started.

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Is It Possible To Retrieve Deleted Kik Messages?

Kik doesn’t save chats and messages you had with someone on their app, so it’s quite impossible to recover those messages once they are permanently deleted. However, if you have created a backup on your device then it’s really simple to recover the deleted Kik messenger chats.

Apart from that, there are some other ways using which you can recover deleted Kik messages after logging out or if you want to retrieve Kik messages on a new phone.

Why Do Kik Messages Get Deleted?

kik deleted chats

Before finding a solution we must know about the problem and why has it occurred in the first place to completely cure it. So before I show you how to recover deleted Kik messages it’s important to know why Kik messages get deleted in the first place. There can be many reasons why your Kik chats including text messages, photos, videos, and contacts get deleted.

The first reason why your Kik messages get deleted is due to human error i.e. you have mistakenly deleted all your messages.

The other reason may be that you have deleted your Kik account. Once a Kik account is permanently deleted you can’t see your old messages in it. Not even after recovering the Kik account.

Sometimes due to technical glitches when you log out of your Kik account then you can’t see your old messages on it after logging in the next time. The same is the case when you want to read your old Kik messages on your new phone.

How To Recover Deleted Kik Messages?

1. Recover Kik Messenger Chats Using Kik History

If you use Kik Messenger to chat with someone on a regular basis then you must know that Kik has a chat history feature that allows it to save 600 messages of yours for 2 days. After 2 days, 400 messages are deleted and only 200 of the latest messages remain that are also deleted after 2 more days.

If you have recently deleted a message and want to get it back then you can ask your friend to check their Kik history and send you the messages and photos you want to get back.

2. Retrieve Kik Messages From Android & iPhone Backup

On Android

If you are using an Android phone and you have enabled backup on it then you are in luck because you can recover deleted Kik chats, videos, photos, and contacts. To restore Kik messages from Android backup you need to follow these steps.

  •  Go to the Settings app of your phone and then tap on the Account and backup option.


  • Head over to Backup and Restore and then tap on the Restore data option.

Restore Kik messages

With this, your phone will restart and the backup will initiate. This backup won’t just recover old Kik messages but also all types of other data that was deleted from your phone.

Restore Kik Messages On iPhone

Just like Android, if you have enabled backup on your iOS device then you can easily recover deleted Kik messages on your iPhone as well. To do so you need to follow these steps;

  • Go to Settings, tap on your profile and tap iCloud.
  • Next, tap on the iCloud Backup.
  • After that, tap on the Back Up Now option.

Make sure your phone is connected to a stable WiFi until the backup process completes.

You will be glad to know that if you want to know how to retrieve Kik messages on a new phone then you can do that by following the same steps as above. All you have to do is when you log into your new phone you have to login with the backup ID that you have created on your old Android or iPhone and then you will be able to recover Kik messages on a new phone.

3. Make Use Of Third Party Data Recovery Software

A data recovery software might not able to recover the deleted text messages from the Kik messenger app. It is because Kik chats are not stored on the phone but on their own server. However, if you want to restore other Kik messages like the sent or received photos, and videos then you can do that. It is because Kik media files are stored on the phone’s gallery so they are very well recoverable.

To do so you will need good data recovery software. If you want to recover Kik messages on Android then EaseUS MobiSaver data recovery is the right tool for you. Similarly, if you want to recover deleted Kik messages on your iPhone then Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone is the right choice.

Are Kik Messages Deleted Forever? Verdict

Once Kik messages are deleted they are deleted from the Kik server as well and therefore you can’t access old Kik messages. However, due to the Kik history feature, you can still recover your chats if it is not too late. But in case you have already enabled the backup on your phone then you can retrieve old deleted Kik messages on both Android and iPhone quite easily.


Can You Recover Deleted Kik Messages?

Yes, if you have enabled backup on your phone then you can recover deleted Kik messages.

Do Kik Save The Deleted Messages?

No, Kik does not store the deleted messages on their server.

Is Kik A Safe App?

Kik is not considered safe for kids and minors.

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