How To Recover Deleted Telegram Account?

Most people prefer Telegram over other instant messaging apps like WhatsApp and WeChat just because they can do much more with the Telegram app than just chatting with their friends.

However, just like another app, you may lose your Telegram account for various reasons. Therefore I am coming up with this article where I will show you how to recover a deleted Telegram account. So that you don’t have to suffer what most Telegram users suffer on a daily basis due to account deletion.

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Why Is My Telegram Account Deleted?

Before I tell you whether you can restore deleted account in Telegram or not, it’s better you know some reasons behind the Telegram account deletion.

There can be many reasons why your Telegram account was deleted, but the most prominent ones are:

  • You have accidentally deleted your account.
  • Intentionally deleted the account because you don’t want to use it anymore.
  • You were caught violating Telegram policy and hence they have banned your account.
  • Due to inactivity, your account was shut down by Telegram i.e. you have not logged into your account for more than 6 months.

What Happens If I Delete Telegram Account?

Once your Telegram account is deleted the following things will happen;

  • You cannot see your conversation history, contacts, or group messages.
  • When your account is deleted all your personal chats will also be deleted and you can’t see them. However, the chat remains as it is on the receiver’s account.
  • The channels or groups you owned on Telegram will have no owners. However, they won’t be deleted other members of the group can still access them.
  • Account deletion is a permanent process and you cannot undo it.

How To Recover Deleted Telegram Account?

As I already told you, you can’t recover a permanently deleted Telegram account. Once it’s deleted it’s gone for good. However, you can try recovering your deleted Telegram account from customer support. To contact Telegram support you can visit their customer support page.

On the support page, you have to write your message and provide your registered email id and phone number. Tell them that the account was very crucial for you and it was deleted by mistake, after writing the message click on Submit.

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How Can I Access My Old Telegram Account Without A Phone Number?

If you have lost the phone number that was associated with your Telegram account then you cannot log into your account without it. However, if you are still logged into your account then you can simply change your phone number and use your old Telegram account without your old phone number. The next time you wish to log in to Telegram you can sign into your account with the new phone number.

You will get the phone number change option on the log-out page under the Alternative options.

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How to Recover Telegram Account Without Email?

It’s quite easy to recover a Telegram account without email as long as you still have the phone number which is associated with that account. Just enter the correct phone number and you will receive a Verification code on that number. Enter the code and you will be able to log into your account once again.

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Can I Rejoin Telegram After Deleting My Account?

Yes, you may rejoin the Telegram account with the same phone number which was registered earlier. However, you won’t be able to recover your old Telegram accounts data like your chats, photos, and videos using this way. Upon rejoining you will land on a fresh account where you have to start everything from scratch.

Also, you may have to wait a few days after deleting your Telegram account if you want to rejoin the platform with the same phone number.

Can Telegram Messages Be Recovered After Deleting The Account?

No, once the account is deleted all your messages and chats will also be deleted. So you can’t recover Telegram messages after deleting the account. In case the account is not deleted and only the Telegram app is uninstalled from the phone then your chats, messages, and photos are safe and recoverable.

Restore Deleted Account In Telegram: Final Verdict

Let me be very honest, you can’t recover a permanently deleted Telegram account irrespective of the fact whether the account was old or new or it was deleted accidentally or intentionally. However, you can still try contacting customer support to help you retrieve your deleted Telegram account.

Once your account is completely deleted all you can do is create a new account and start from scratch. However, if you wish you can use the same phone number which was used earlier to create your new Telegram account.


Can I Recover Deleted Telegram Account?

Unfortunately, if your Telegram account is permanently deleted then it cannot be recovered.

What Happens If You Delete The Telegram App?

If you happen to uninstall the Telegram app on your phone, don’t worry your account remains intact and your chats, and messages are safe.

Does Telegram Delete Inactive Accounts?

Yes, inactive Telegram accounts are deleted after 6 months of inactivity.

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