How To Recover Deleted OneNote Notes

OneNote is a widely used note-making software around the globe. This application allows you to freely create notes with your friends or office colleagues using its inbuilt features like text, drawings, images, audio, video, etc.

However, some external factors such as virus attacks, app crashes, or human error may raise the chances of accidental deletion of your essential notes and pages from your OneNote app.

In case, you have been part of such an unfortunate experience and want to recover your deleted notes on OneNote then do not worry. I will tell you some easy ways to get your deleted notes back on your OneNote account including some valuable tips to save your notes from deletion. So without wasting any time let’s get started.

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Brief Overview
Your deleted OneNote notes are moved to the Notebook Recycle Bin section and can be restored within a 60-day recovery period. Moreover, you can recover your permanently deleted OneNote files by restoring the OneNote backup from your PC’s folder. However, the deletion of your phone’s OneNote notes and pages will be permanent if they are not synced with your OneNote online account.

How To Recover Deleted Notes In OneNote

Once you delete your notes or sections from OneNote they are moved to the Notebook Recycle Bin and stay there for 60 days. After that, your OneNote files are deleted permanently.

In case, you have not missed the 60-day recovery window then you can restore your deleted OneNote files by following the steps below:

1. First, open your OneNote app on your PC and sign in with the correct username & password.

2. Next, click on History and then select Notebook Recycle Bin. Here you can view your recently deleted notes and pages.

Recover deleted notes in OneNote

3. Now, right-click on the section or page you want to retrieve and select Move or Copy…

Move or Copy

3. After this, select the Notebook and click on Move. If you wish to move your deleted notes to a different notebook then you can recover them by selecting a different notebook then clicking on the Move button.


Note: Keep in mind that OneNote permanently deletes your 60-day-old deleted items from the recycle bin.

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How Do I Create Backup For OneNote Sections And Notes?

Setting up a backup for your important notes and sections is very easy and I will tell you how you can do it in a few steps.

1. Open OneNote and navigate to Options after selecting the File button.


2. Now, click on the Save & Backup option.

Save and back up

3. After this, select Back Up All Notebooks Now and all of your existing OneNote files will be saved in a backup folder on your PC.

Back up

4. Moreover, enable “Automatically back up my notebook at the following time interval”. Next, click on the drop-down icon to select the time duration as per your convenience.

Get back permanently deleted OneNote notes

5. Finally, click on the OK box to save your backup settings.

How To Restore Permanently Deleted OneNote Notes

In case, you have missed the chance to retrieve your deleted OneNote notes from the Notebook Recycle Bin then do not be afraid. You can easily retrieve permanently deleted notes and sections by restoring the OneNote backup. To do this follow the steps that I have explained below:

1. Open the OneNote Windows app on your PC and sign in.

2. Next, click on the File option and select Open Backups.

Restore permanently deleted OneNote notes

3. After this, a file explorer window will appear on your PC screen, double-click on My Notebook.

My Notebook

4. Lastly, select the OneNote files you wish to restore and then click on the Open button.


In case you have not created a backup of your OneNote account then you won’t be able to recover deleted OneNote notes.

How Do I Recover Permanently Deleted OneNote Files On Android & iPhone?

Sadly, the deletion of your OneNote files is permanent for both Android and iPhone users. It does not matter whether you delete them intentionally or accidentally. If you delete your OneNote notes then it will be impossible to restore your deleted Notes on your phone, unless you have synced your phone’s OneNote account with your OneNote online account.

You can get back your permanently deleted OneNote Notes by following the below-mentioned steps:

1. First of all, sign in to your OneNote online account on your PC’s browser with the same login details that you used to access your phone’s OneNote account.

2. After that, select your Notebook.

Recover permanently deleted OneNote files on android

3. Next, go to the View tab and then select the Deleted Notes option.

Deleted Notes

4. Now, select your permanently deleted notes using the ctrl+right-click shortcut key and click on the Restore button.


5. Finally, select Quick Notes and click on OK.

Quick Notes

Note: The above-explained steps are also applicable to iPhone devices.

Bonus Tips

Sync Your OneNote With Your PC

If you are using OneNote services through your phone’s app then you can enable your sync settings and save your notebook from unwanted deletion. You can do this by following the steps below:

1. First, sign in to your OneNote phone app and tap on your profile icon.

Profile icon

2. Then select the Settings option.


3. Lastly, toggle on Sync notebooks on Wi-Fi only and Sync all page content options.

Get back deleted Notes on OneNote

Create A Backup Folder Of Your OneNote Notes

Always keep a backup of all your important OneNote files so that you can easily restore your permanently deleted OneNote notes.

Final Verdict

I’m sure that after reading this article now you know how to get back your OneNote files if you have deleted them by mistake.

Moreover, I have shared an easy process to retrieve your permanently deleted notes on your OneNote Android or iPhone app using your OneNote online account through your web browser.

Additionally, I have included some tips to keep your important notes from getting deleted.


How Do I Recover My Deleted Section In OneNote?

You can retrieve your deleted OneNote section from the Notebook Recycle Bin till 60 days after deleting it.

Why Can't I Access Deleted Notes On OneNote?

If your OneNote notes are permanently deleted then you would not be able to access them without your backup folder.

Can I Retrieve My Deleted Notes Or Pages On The OneNote Android App?

Yes, you can recover your deleted notes and pages by signing in to your OneNote online account on your PC's web browser.

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