How To Recover Deleted Yahoo Emails?

Yahoo Mail is an email service freely available to everyone and I know how frustrating it is to lose your important emails. If you are one of those unfortunate souls then do not worry. I will tell you how to retrieve and find your Yahoo emails in an easy step-by-step process.

Moreover, you will get a detailed step-by-step process to recover permanently deleted Yahoo emails including bonus tips to keep your Yahoo emails safe and sound. So without wasting any time let’s begin.

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Brief Overview
Deleted Yahoo emails can be found and restored back to your inbox from Deleted Items. In case, you have deleted the email from Deleted Items then you can recover your permanently deleted Yahoo emails by sending a restore request to the Yahoo help center within 7 days of deleting your emails. Otherwise, the recovery of your permanently deleted Yahoo emails would not be possible.

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How To Recover Deleted Emails From Yahoo Deleted Items?

If you remember that you have deleted the email from the inbox yourself then you can retrieve the Yahoo email from the Deleted Items by following the steps mentioned below:

1. First sign in to your Yahoo mail account. Then go to the left navigation column and click on Deleted Items previously known as Trash.

Recover deleted Yahoo emails

2. Now, select the emails you want to retrieve, and finally click on Restore to inbox.

get back deleted yahoo emails

Note: Do not keep your deleted emails in Deleted Items because Yahoo regularly deletes your 7-day-old emails from the Deleted Items. If you missed the time window then your emails will be deleted permanently.

Can I Retrieve Permanently Deleted Yahoo Emails?

Yes, you can get permanently deleted Yahoo emails back by sending a restore request to Yahoo within 7 days of deleting your emails. However, missing the 7-day window would not get your deleted Yahoo emails recovered. To do this, follow the below steps:

1. Go to the Yahoo help center by using this link and select Mail.

Yahoo help center

2. Then click on Recover lost or deleted emails.

Retrieve permanently deleted Yahoo mails

3. Next, select Send a Restore Request. On clicking it, a form will be visible on your screen.

Restore Request

4. Now, describe the problem and mention the last time you saw your email.

describe problem

5. Then check if your Yahoo ID and email address are correct.

Check Yahoo Id

6. After this, verify yourself by filling in the reCaptcha. Then click on the Create Request button. On doing this, your request will be sent to Yahoo.

Create Request

8. Finally, note down the Incident number and you will be emailed by Yahoo.

Incident number

Note: Keep in mind that Yahoo does not guarantee the successful recovery of your permanently deleted emails.

How To Find Your Old Yahoo Mails After 2 Years

Your old Yahoo emails do not go anywhere unless you have moved them from your inbox to the Deleted Items or Spam folder. You can always find your Yahoo emails by following the steps below:

1. Log in to your Yahoo mail account.

Find old Yahoo emails

2. Go to the search bar and enter the email address or the name of the attachment (photo, document, etc.) you want to find. Then click on the Search icon.

search bar

3. In case, you are looking for an old email then you can make a specialized search by selecting the Advanced label.

Advanced icon

4. After this, a form will be opened enter the details in the form and click on search. With this, your old Yahoo email will be recovered.

Fill out the form

Bonus Tips To Keep Yahoo Emails Safe

Use Filters To Organize Yahoo Mails

Keep your emails organized by using filters to categorize them according to their types. This will keep your Yahoo email safe and easily found when needed.

Archive Your Mails On Yahoo

Always archive your important emails on Yahoo, this will keep your messages safe for a long time. To archive your valuable email, select them from the inbox and click on the Archive option. After this, your message will be moved to the archive which can be accessed from the left navigation column.

Create A Backup For Yahoo Emails

You can easily create a backup for your important emails by converting them into PDF format and storing them on your device or cloud.

Send The Restore Request As Soon As Possible

If you have intentionally or accidentally deleted your Yahoo email from the Deleted Items then do not waste any time and send a Restore request within 7 days. This may increase the chances of a successful recovery of your permanently deleted Yahoo mail.

Final Verdict

It is possible to get back deleted or lost Yahoo emails and I have explained it in very easy steps. However, keep in mind that you cannot recover automatically deleted Yahoo emails from the Deleted Items.

If you have permanently deleted emails yourself then contact the Yahoo help Center within 7 days of deleting your email and get them recovered. Moreover, do not forget to implement valuable tips to keep your Yahoo emails safe.


How To Recover Old Yahoo Emails?

Your deleted Yahoo emails can be restored from the Deleted items quickly. In case you have removed your emails from the Deleted items, you can retrieve them by submitting a restore request within 7 days of deletion.

Can I Recover Permanently Deleted Yahoo Emails?

No, once you have deleted your email and missed the 7-day recovery period then you would not be able to get your deleted Yahoo emails back.

How Long Does Yahoo Keep Old Emails In Inbox?

Your emails stay in your Yahoo inbox as long as you have the account. However, you may lose them if you remain inactive for a year.

Can I Retrieve 10-Year-Old Yahoo Emails?

No, you cannot recover Yahoo emails deleted 10 years ago.

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