How To Recover Deleted Amazon Account

Amazon needs no introduction, it’s the most popular online shopping destination for millions of people worldwide. You can create an account on it and buy various products from the comfort of your home. But what if your account is deleted, can you recover a deleted Amazon account? If you also have these questions in mind then let’s find out in this article how to recover deleted Amazon account.

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Can I Recover A Deleted Amazon Account?

can i recover amazon account

Recovering a deleted Amazon account is quite possible just like recovering deleted items from Amazon Cart and Wishlist. However, the possibility also depends on how the account was lost. If the account is permanently deleted then there is no chance to recover it. Keep reading the article to know more.

What Happens When An Amazon Account Is Deleted?

Once your Amazon account is permanently deleted all your details linked to the account will be deleted as well. This includes your Amazon Prime, Kindle, Amazon music and apps, etc.

Moreover, you can’t return or get a refund for products purchased using that particular account. Also, if you have some Amazon vouchers and gift cards linked to that account, you can’t use them anymore.

How To Recover Deleted Amazon Account?

There are various reasons why you may lose your Amazon account. Depending upon the reason there are different ways to recover an Amazon account which are listed below.

1. Recover A Deleted Amazon Account If You Have Forgotten Your Password

Go to the Amazon sign-in page. There you need to click on the Forgot your password option.

forgot password

Next, enter your registered email address and click on Continue.

email address enter

You will receive an OTP on your registered email address, enter it and click on Continue.


Now simply create your new password and confirm it then click on Save changes and sign-in.

recover deleted amazon account

With this, your account password will be reset and now you access your Amazon account once again.

2. Get Back Amazon Account Without Email/Phone Number

If you don’t remember your phone number or email address which was registered to your Amazon account then you are in trouble. Because you cannot access your account without an Email/phone number. But don’t worry you can contact Amazon customer support to recover your Amazon account without email or phone number.

To contact Amazon customer support you can follow the steps provided above to reset your Amazon password. In the first step where you need to enter the email address, click on Customer Service.

restore amazon account

You can also call Amazon Support at 180030001593 and they will help you restore your Amazon account in case you don’t have access to your email or phone number.

3. Recover An Old Amazon Account

If your account was inactive for more than 2 years then your account will be deleted. Amazon will send you an email regarding your abandoned account after 18 months of inactivity. In case, if you want to protect it from deletion, you can prevent it by logging into your account.

If it’s not been more than 2 years then you can recover your old Amazon account by simply signing into it. However, if it is more than 2 years then you cannot recover your account at any cost because it’s permanently deleted.

4. Restore A Suspended Amazon Account

If your account is suspended then it means that you must have breached Amazon’s guidelines. When your Amazon account is banned you will receive a suspension notice with the reason for suspension mentioned in it. Analyze it and see why your account was banned.

After understanding your mistakes make an appeal to Amazon to reactivate your deleted Amazon account. Tell them that you have realized your mistakes and won’t repeat them.

Wait for their reply, it may take some time. If you are lucky then your Amazon account will be restored from suspension.

Final Verdict

If your Amazon account is lost or deleted then you cannot order your favorite products from it. But don’t worry, in this article I have shown you some methods using which you can recover the deleted Amazon account. If things don’t work for you then you can even create a new account with a new email address or phone number and start your online shopping again.


Does Amazon Delete Inactive Accounts?

Yes, Amazon will delete inactive accounts if they are abandoned for more than 2 years.

Can You Recover Deleted Amazon Orders?

It's not possible to recover orders that are deleted. However, if you have archived your orders instead of deleting them then you can get them back.

How Do I Log Into An Old Amazon Account?

You can simply log into your old Amazon account by entering your username and password as usual. If your account is not deleted yet, you will be able to access it.

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