How To Recover Deleted History On Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is an AI-powered web browser that offers a smooth internet surfing experience to its users across the globe. However, some users end up wiping out their internet search history and they find it extremely difficult to restore their deleted history on Edge browser. If you are one such unlucky individual then you have clicked on the right page. I will explain how you can recover your deleted history on the Microsoft Edge browser. So, without any unnecessary delays, let’s get started.

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Brief Overview 
You can retrieve your permanently deleted browsing history on Microsoft Edge by finding the DBStore file on your Windows File Explorer and restoring the earlier versions of the file. Alternatively, you can recover your deleted history on Microsoft Edge by using System Restore Point on your PC.

How To Recover Deleted History On Microsoft Edge

Like most internet users, I used to think that the deletion of the search history was permanent for all web browsers and we can do nothing to restore the deleted browser history. Until one unfortunate day, I wiped out all my search history including crucial ones from my Microsoft Edge browser. After a long period of trial and error, I stumbled upon some methods that helped me to recover my deleted search history on my Edge browser successfully.

Now, I am going to explain two methods that can help you retrieve your accidentally deleted internet history on your Edge browser.

Method 1: How To Retrieve Edge History By Restoring Previous Versions

This is the first method in which I will tell you how you can get back your deleted search history by locating the DBStore file on your Windows PC and restoring the previous version of this file. For your ease, I have divided this process into two separate parts:

In the first part, we will locate DBStore file on your PC’s File Explorer and the second part will include the restoration of the previous version.

Part 1: Find DBStore File On Your Windows File Explorer

You can locate your DBStore file on your Windows PC’s File Explorer by following the below steps:

1. First, open Windows File Explorer by clicking on the File Explorer icon from the taskbar or you can use the Windows+E shortcut key. Moreover, you will be required to connect your external recovery drive to your PC.

Note: This process will only work if you have set up Restore Previous Versions (explained later in this article) for your DBStore file on your PC. 

2. Next, select the Search button and paste “This PC/Local Disk(C:)/User/[Your username]/ AppData/Local/Packages/Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge_8wekyb3d8bbwe/AC/MicrosoftEdge/User Data” file path then press Enter key to start the search on your PC. This may take a few seconds so wait until the search is completed.

3. Now, look for DBStore file on the list.

Part 2: Restore Previous Version Of The DBStore File

4. Once you have found the DBStore file on your PC, right-click and select the Properties button.

5. Next, click on the Previous Versions.

6. After that, a new window will appear on your PC’s screen including the recent versions of the DBStore file. Now, select the recent version of the DBStore file and click on the Restore button.

7. Finally, open your Microsoft Edge browser and check your search history to see your recovered deleted history on your Edge browser.

In case this method does not work on your PC then there is another method that can recover your deleted search history on Microsoft Edge without any external drive.

Method 2: How To Get Back Microsoft Edge History From Windows

I have also made a video for this method on YouTube. You can check it out below.

If for some reason the above explained did not work for you then you can use the Windows System Restore option to get back your deleted history on Edge browser. It will restore your PC before the deletion of your search history. You can do this by following the steps mentioned below:

Note: Ensure you have saved your unsaved data and closed running applications on your PC before using this method.

1. First, press the Windows+R keys and type rstrui then press the Enter button.

Get Back Microsoft Edge History Form Windows

2. Now, a new window will emerge on your PC’s screen, click on the Next button.


3. After this, click on the restore point and select Next.

restore point

4. Finally, confirm your restore point by selecting the drive and clicking the Finish button. Doing this will automatically restart your PC. Wait until the restart process is over then check your Edge web browser to view your recovered history.  

Recover Deleted History On Microsoft Edge

How Do I Setup System Restore Point On Windows

You can set up a System Restore Point on your PC to create a backup for your search history. However, bear in mind, if you create the System Restore Point after the unfortunate deletion then it will not recover the deleted search history on Microsoft Edge. You can setup the System Restore Point by following the below-explained steps:

1. First, click on your PC’s search bar and type Create Restore Point then press enter to open system properties.

2. Next, select your C: drive and click on the Configure button. With this, a new window will pop up on your PC’s screen.

select your C drive

3. Now, click on the slider beside Max usage and drag it from left to right side. Doing this will create a disk space to set up Restore Point on your selected drive. Then Turn on system protection and click on the OK button.

Turn on system protection

4. After that, click on the Create Button and type the name of your Restore Point.

Setup System Restore Point On Windows

5. Finally, select Create again click on OK and your system restore point will be set.


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Final Verdict

I believe this article will be the best guide to restoring your deleted internet history on your Edge web browser. However, the above-described recovery methods will only work if you have set either of them before the accidental deletion of your search history from your Edge browser. Otherwise, you will never be able to get back your deleted history on your Edge browser.


Is Deleted History Gone Forever From Microsoft Edge Browser?

No, your deleted Edge history is saved in the previous versions of your File Explorer's DBStore file which can be used to recover your deleted Edge browser history.

Can I Recover My Deleted History On Microsoft Edge?

Yes, you can retrieve your Edge browser's deleted search history by restoring the previous version of the DBStore file. Moreover, you can use System Restore Point to recover your deleted history on Microsoft Edge.

How Do I Find My Microsoft Edge History?

You can find your Microsoft Edge History by pressing the Ctrl+H shortcut keys.

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